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Tameeka Nicole~ Owner & Chief Well-Being Curator

EmergeSoul Boutique Founder Tameeka Ford has a long history in serving underrepresented communities and in helping others to connect with their true essences. For over two decades, Tameeka served as a Senior Manager for one of the oldest settlement houses in the country, a non-profit organization providing comprehensive social service support to clients of all ages. During this time, Tameeka used her skills as a Masters’ level social worker and program administrator to create hundreds of innovative youth and community programs designed to respond to the physical, social, and mental needs of New York City’s most vulnerable communities and youth populations.

Tameeka’s ManifestFLOW

I believe in loving hard, living boldly, standing tall, freedom, nourishment for body and soul, dancing until…, chocolate heals, everything sparkly, crying often, creativity, self-responsibility, forgiveness, DIVINE POWER, fun, dreaming wildly, adventure opens doors, rest, being true to self, and all things delicious.


It’s all about being in FLOW!

Tameeka’s PassionFLOW

In my former role, I led a team of over 150 staff members including site directors, therapists, performing artists, youth developer, and office support staff and I cared deeply about their mental health and overall wellbeing. My work with disadvantaged communities inspired me to bring the practice of mindfulness and intentional wellness into the workplace.

“All beings deserve to be free from suffering and have a fair chance to find their FLOW,”~Tameeka Nicole

Ultimately, My passion for assisting others in achieving personal balance, accompanied with my own physical and mental health challenges led me to establish EmergeSoul Boutique in 2016. At EmergeSoul, we promote an integrative holistic approach to healing, that includes healing arts, mind-body awareness,  self-reliance, and influencing foundational behavioral changes.


EmergeSoul is built on the belief that we cannot serve from an empty vessel; we must serve ourselves first to better serve others. I believe that as we transform ourselves from within and pay attention to our emotional, mental and physical well-being with kindness, we can effectively transform our local communities, and ultimately the world. Every wellness seeker is invited to start where she/he is and connect to the practice by honoring their body temple, our greatest gift. As we connect our mind-body, using breath-awareness, we change our relationship with self.


I am honored to be a vessel to promote self care and hold space where people feel safe and empowered to cultivate a sustainable wellness lifestyle. I geniunely care for the well-being of all beings, especially those that are underserved and underrepresented. 

“It is my pleasure to serve with light and love…” ~Tameeka Nicole

I am a self-care advocate, intuitive yoga and wellness instructor, studying under the great teacher Ghylian Bell, founder of the Urban Yoga Foundation (UYF). I am empowered to support individuals in managing stress, developing mind-body awareness, and becoming more health conscious.  I live life with a natural child-like curosity. I am lead to take risk, to see what is possible and create opportunities to share with all. In this season of my life, my biggest risk is invoking a riot about wellness, self-care and self-awareness, holding space and empowering folks to take charge of their well-being.  This work of serving others is fueled by a higher source that I call ‘Lover of my soul’ – GOD! Lead by the Divine Spirit of love, it is my heart’s desire to do the highest good for all, while connecting to the true manifestation of my purpose.


As a self-proclaimed LOVE Warrior, I believe in the benefits of participatory healing and that we have the power to heal ourselves.


I hold certifications and training in the following: Children’s Yoga, Chair Yoga, Conscious Breath Work, Chakra Energy Healing, Yoga Anatomy, Om Restorative Yoga, Corrective Exercise, Kemetic Yoga, Healing Powers of Crystals, Thai Yoga, Mindfulness,  Empowerment for Transformation, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Experience Designing and a host of social-emotional enhancements. Each day, there is a new teacher with a new lesson for me to explore and learn.

Click Here for a complimentary deliciously, warm, and relaxing restorative yoga class with me.

” Give Light and The People Will Follow.” ~ Ella Baker


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