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What People Say…

” Thank you for creating the space that helped me get closer to my true home.” Ms. L.


” … Through emergesoul, I’m experiencing a lifelong desire for health and wellness coming to fruition.” Ms. Donna


” My emergesoul experience has now become a lifestyle!… My patience, tolerance level and my smile has emerged. Collectively, the practitioners of emergesoul have helped me to emerge my character and my confidence. ~ N. Charles


” I dont want to be here, I need to be here.” ~ Ms. Rhodes


 ” Tameeka, you made me remember myself. This experience with you caused me to make a promise to myself. Your teaching has made me bring myself to the present. While I am a planner, I have been more in the present. I am able to better relax and laugh. I can be silly with my son. I stop to breath – while it is not as of ten as I would like, I am breathing!! I am thankful for this Mindfulness series.” ~ Ms. Roberts


” Taking classes with Tameeka at EmergeSoul, I have learned to control my medical and mental condition. I walked in the door fragile and suffering from anxiety, Now with the tools from my class I take control of me and my mental well-being and that’s so important. Thank you, Tameeka for introducing me to the practice.”
Ms. Gordon, 67 years old


” …after taking a introduction chair yoga class with breath work, I went to my doctor and my blood pressure was the lowest it has been in a well, I am definitely signing up for the free week class.” ~ Ms. Drayton, 60+ years old


” Comfort, Peace, Tranquility, Flexible, Pampering, Love, Community…These are words that a come to mind when I think go Emerge. These words also describe how I’ve felt when visiting the Studio. It’s like walking into a space where the possibilities are boundless. I’ve stretched and strengthened in Yoga and walked away feeling flexible. I’ve moved, grooved and laughed with friends during line dancing. I’ve created and spent time with relatives and bestie while Sipping and Painting and I’ve felt loved and valued when pampered with a foot bath. I don’t have to go far to step into a space of comfort and emerge with a spirit filled with peace and tranquility right in my own community.” ~ D. Cherry


” Ok so I took myself to a complimentary session last night and it was soooooo awesome. I am so not flexible at all and was initially getting discouraged. The instructor really worked me in a way that worked for me. I left tired in a good way and I slept like a baby. Woke up this morning and I wasn’t even sore. I will continue for two reasons: 1) I need the peace and relaxation that follows it right now; and 2) I believe I will regain some if not all my mobility. Walking and Yoga are not synonymous. Working different muscles is what I need. Tameeka Nicole, thanks for the invitation. I think you’re on to something in our community!!.” ~ Ms. Johnson, 62+ years old


” A beautiful balance of mind and body being in the moment. It helped me detox the tiredness of the day. It stretched my body to sooth the stress causing aches and pains. The most impactful is that I realized I can go on these minute vacations right in the middle of the day, then be energized to move on. Bravo! Thank you.” ~ Mal


” Taking these classes with Tameeka has really help me to learn how to breath through life’s challenging situations.” ~ Ms. Woods, 50+ years old


“I adored those few stolen moments with Shameka! I happened across a hand massage while at an exclusive event at EmergeSoul. I felt warm, I smelled great, and many of those pesty cares just slipped away. Whenever I visit the studio I peek at that spot where I was treated and cared for with a very special hand massage. I can’t shut up about it. It was an amazing treat!” ~ RB


“There are days when I feel depleted and discouraged. Being apart of this collective of women facilitated and led by Tameeka has been a guiding force and a source of energy and faith. The collaborative strength of all the women involved are the support that I need. I’m thankful to have them and to know that I am not alone. I am grateful to have the time with them to retreat into a space of replenishment, love, faith, and hope.” ~ AR


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